Our Gift Card Program has many Benefits

  • Easy to Sell
  • Have no Expiration Date
  • Can be used throughout the season
  • Make Great Gifts
  • Our Fundraising Progrma is Available Year-Around


  • A typical selling campaign lasts about 3-4 weeks.
  • Holiday or the early Spring Season make for wonderful opportunities to sell Gift Cards.
  • Setting aside time to go into the community as a group can yeild huge results
  • Letting the customer know who your group is and the reason you need to raise money.
  • To prevent confusion we ask you to appoint one contact person from your group for us to work with directly.

To better help non-profit organizations in the community achieve their financial goals, Johansen-J&H Greenhouse has developed a Gift Card Fundraising Program

If You Sell:            You Will Earn:

    25 Gift Cards----------$125

    100 Gift Cards--------$500

    500 Gift Cards--------$2500

    1000 Gift Cards------$5000

Interested in our Fundraising Program?

Please contact Rick or Rhonda Hoefer, 402-340-5444 or 402-340-2008

There is no Limit to the Number of Gift Cards you can sell or the amount of money your Group can Earn!

​​​​​Johansen Greenhouse and Nursery

"Sowing Into Our Community"

How the Fundraiser Works

​1, Submint an application to Johansen-J&H Greenhouse with the number of Gift Cards your group would like to try and sell, and the dates you would like to hold your fundraiser.

2. Sell the Gift Cards in the Community, with two location in Norfolk, and O'Neill you are not limited to the surraounding area as the cards will work in both locations.

3. Turn in the Gift Cards not sold and Money Collected in one Check.

4. Pick-up Money Earned a Check for the amount earned will be given to the group once all money has been turned in


NORFOLK: 402-379-2029

​email: jhgreenhouse@gmail.com


Gift Cards Sell for $25 each.

Organizations will receive $5 for each

$25 Gift Card Sold.


​Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm

Saturday: 8am-6pm

Sunday: 11am-5pm